BC547 transistor Pinout, Specs, Datasheet, Equivalent and Uses

Pinout of BC547 transistor

BC547 transistor pinout or pin diagram has three pins, starting from left: collector, emitter, and base respectively. It is available in two packages: SMD and TO-92 package. BC547 is an NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor. And like all other transistors, BC547 has three pins called the emitter, collector, and base respectively. BC547 transistor acts as a … Read more

L293D VS L298N Motor Driver Differences, Specifications and Pinouts

L293D vs L298N differences

Both L293D and L298N motor drivers are commonly used by students and hobbyists in various projects all over the world. But sometimes you have to select the one which is best suitable for your project application. And there is a lot of confusion going on between L293D VS L298N. So in this post, we are … Read more

Manual PCB board assembly process and Testing at PCBWay

Manual PCB board assembly process and Testing

A PCB board assembled with the help of automated machines is quicker, however, it is costly if you want to manufacture a couple of boards. In our previous article “PCB board assembly at PCBWay with Automated machines!” we explained how a PCB company assembles a circuit board at a large scale with high precision. An … Read more

PCB board assembly with Automated machines at PCBWay!

PCB board assembly is a tedious task because small components like SMD are hard to solder onto the board. So how do so many tiny components get on the boards with such high precision? Let’s find out. PCBWay is one of the largest and most advanced PCB board assembly company. In their automated factory, PCBway … Read more

L298N Motor Driver Pin Diagram, Working, Datasheet & Arduino Connection

L298N Motor Driver Pinouts

In this article, you will learn about the L298N motor driver module in detail. But first, we must answer some basic questions like what is a motor driver, why is it used in a circuit, and what is an H-bridge configuration, etc. What is a Motor Driver Module? Image Source: sproboticworks A motor driver module … Read more