How to assemble DIY LED Cube(8x8x8) that play Music!

Ever since I started learning electronics I always wanted to build my own LED Cube. But neither I had the time nor in-depth knowledge of electronics required to build one. Then I recently got a mail from asking me to review any Arduino- Microcontroller related kit on my channel THE ELECTRONIC GUY. So while going through their products I found this DIY LED CUBE KIT which has an additional Music mode feature.  How to assemble Diy LED Cube!

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Why a Mobile Phone Battery Has More Than Two Terminals?

Why a Mobile Phone Battery has more then two terminals?

Hi! If you are reading this then you must have been using a mobile phone for a very long time. But have you ever considered the fact that your mobile phone battery has more than two terminals? If not, then this is probably the best techy. article on this topic for you because we are going to go deep to find out Why a Mobile Phone Battery Has More Than Two Terminals?.

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How To Change Frequency On PWM Pins Of Arduino UNO

How to change frequency of PWM pin of Arduino UNO

Arduino Uno is one of the most commonly used Development boards these days. It can be used for almost any application that one can think of. One such application is in high-frequency circuits. But to use a controller in a high-frequency circuit like in a buck converter, the controller must be able to generate high-frequency PWM wave. And if the controller you are using is Arduino Uno, then you must know how to change frequency on PWM pins of Arduino Uno.

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Difference between diode, Zener Diode, and Schottky Diode

A diode is a passive device that allows the flow of current in one direction only. But since there are so many types of a diode, it’s important to differentiate between them. And to know which one to use according to its requirement in our circuit. Given below is a detailed difference between diode, Zener diode, and Schottky Diode.

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