Design better and faster parts with Rapid Prototyping introduced by PCBWay

Rapid prototyping manufacturing means fabricating a physical component using Computer-Aided Design (CAD). In other words, products are manufactured using big machines. With the growing demand for products in the market, manufacturing a product as fast as possible becomes a topmost priority.

Therefore keeping this in mind, PCBWay has introduced its Online rapid prototyping manufacturing supply. With this, your manufactured product will be shipped within one day of your order. But, what about the quality of the product? Well, some of the world’s leading companies. Like Hisense, Midea group, Philips, Xiaomi, Hikvision trusts in the components manufactured from PCBWay.


PCBWay provides rapid prototyping manufacturing supply in just three simple steps.

Step 1

Upload your CAD files online. And get a guaranteed instant quote along with an automated DfM feedback.

Step 2

Pay the required amount via popular and secure payment methods.

Step 3

Manage your order online by tracking delivery and sharing relevant aspects with other teammates.



CNC Machining

For rapid prototyping, PCBWay uses advanced CNC machines. CNC lathe, CNC milling, CNC laser machines make sure that the target gets a 3-dimensional shape. In addition, water jet machines ensure greater accuracy and precision for cutting.

CNC machining for rapid prototyping
CNC machining

Injection Molding

It includes the manufacturing of plastic parts. Hard plastics, Flexible plastics, and rubber-like varieties are the materials used in the molding process.

Injection molding machine for rapid prototyping
Injection molding machine

3D printing

It involves building a structure layer by layer using bondable materials like powdered metal or plastic. It allows the flexibility to make complicated designs than traditional manufacturing processes.

3D printing
Printing a 3D model

Sheet metal fabrication

It is a process of shaping a metal piece through bending, stretching, and cutting. PCBWay uses press brake punches and die-tool to give a final geometry to sheet metal.

Sheet metal fabrication for rapid prototyping
Sheet metal fabrication

Why PCBWay is best for Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing?

To cut a long story short, PCBWay follows a three-step method to win our trust.

Quality Assurance

As discussed above, the product quality is assured by leading world-class companies. PCBWay makes sure that the manufacturing material meets all the necessary standard protocols. And your product meets your quality expectations.

Intellectual Property

Your data is the topmost priority for PCBWay. To avoid misuse of personal data, PCBWay follows a strict onboarding process. It includes signing up for contractual obligations. And this makes clear that PCBWay is the name we can bank on.

On-time Delivery

After receiving your order, PCBWay monitors the complete factory manufacturing process. The parts are machine-made, which avoids delays in the manufacturing process. Whether you need a single piece or 500 pieces, PCBWay makes sure that the order is delivered on-time.

PCBWay is giving a flat 10% discount on any of its orders from the rapid prototyping unit. Get your parts produced from PCBWay now.

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