Is your PCB good enough? A PCB quality review of PCBWay!

All throughout in electrical, electronics, and other similar engineering fields, PCBs are required every now and then. Not only do the PCBs need to be of good quality, but they also have to serve the purpose for which they’re needed without costing exorbitant amounts. PCBWay is a fabrication house where all your PCB needs can be fulfilled. This article tells you about how they ensure a high-quality end product at your doorstep. To know about their working and how to place your order, read High quality and low-cost PCBs at your doorstep through PCBWay!

How to ensure a good quality PCB?

In order to maintain standard quality for any product, certain specifications have to be met. Same is the case for PCBs or printed circuit boards. Implementing quality control in PCBs comes in two steps, namely

  1. Quality control in PCB designing
  2. Quality control in PCB manufacturing

In the first step, accuracy, clarity, validity etc. of the design files have to be ensured. In the second step, the capability of the manufacturer, procedures involved in manufacturing and inspection of the final product through various testing methods have to be ensured.

Quality assurance at PCBWay

At PCBWay, two types of PCBs namely Advanced PCB and Standard PCB are available depending upon the need of the customer, the applications and the complexities involved in manufacturing them. Both the types while being the best in their quality, differ in specifications such as the materials involved in manufacturing them, testing methods used to ensure that nothing goes wrong with the board and other dimensions as listed below.

Advanced PCB

These PCBs are required for applications related to but not limited to Industrial equipment, instrumentation, automotive electronics, communication equipment, etc. At PCBWay, one of the senior engineers is employed to take care of the maneuvers involved in carrying out the manufacturing of such boards, and a dedicated individual working panel is employed for the production. There is no minimum number of boards to be ordered. The customer can order even one single board of this type or more. More specifications related to the materials used, testing methods employed, plating available, etc. can be found underneath the Advanced PCB tab on the PCBWay website.

Standard PCB

Standard PCBs are suitable for users whose prices are core competitiveness and used in applications such as Children’s toys, small appliances, home lighting, functional testing, electronic enthusiasts, etc. For these orders, a mid-level engineer along with a mixed working panel is assigned at PCBWay and these have to be usually ordered in batches of 5,10,15,20, etc. pieces. For these PCBs, A.O.I and flying probe testing procedures are carried out as the test methods to ensure a good quality as per IPC class 2 standards.

The eye-catcher here is, that they offer 10 PCBs within 100X100 mm range for only $5! This crazy deal is not to be missed for sure!

Manufacturing capabilities at PCBWay

At PCBWay, the capabilities also depend upon what PCB you wish to order i.e. the advanced PCB or the standard PCB also called quick turn PCB. In advanced PCB, the capabilities are further divided into if it’s a normal process, medium difficulty process, or a high difficulty process as specified by the process parameters and specifications given by the user. For example, if the hole to hole spacing is to be kept greater than 10 MIL, it comes under normal process parameters, if it is to be kept between 8 to 10 MIL, the process is a medium difficulty process. Similarly, the high difficulty process parameters include a hole to hole spacing between 7 to 8 MIL. Beyond 7 MIL is not able to be made.


If you wish to go through a hustle free process and make sure your PCBs are of a good quality, then PCBWay is your destination! It offers reliable solutions for all your PCB needs and the best part is that each specification is mentioned clearly beforehand and you know exactly what your PCB is made up of. Apart from this, the customer support services are also available 24X7 and are highly reliable.

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