LED PCBs: Applications, Advantages and Fabrication methods

LED stands for Light Emitting diode. It is a semiconductor that emits light when current passes through it. The energy releases in the form of photons due to the recombination of electrons and holes. The color of the light produced by an LED depends on the energy bandgap of the semiconductor.
The combination of LED and PCB is one of the best innovations in the field of electronics. PCBWay is an expert in the manufacturing of LED PCBs. With having an on-time delivery rate of 99%. They continuously follow your order from the time you place your order to the minute it is delivered. But exactly how PCBWay fabricates the LED PCBs?

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An LED PCB board
An LED PCB board

An LED generates more heat as compared to other electronic parts. So the heat dissipation capacity of the PCB must be better. Hence, metal core PCBs are the primary choice among manufacturers. Moreover, Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, is often used to make boards for LED lights. The Aluminum PCB includes a thermally conductive layer that transfers and dissipates the heat efficiently than a standard FR-4 based PCB.


1. The fabricated PCBs are light in weight that makes the overall weight of the board less.
2. The PCBs does not face any dimension related issues.
3. The high-quality PCBs fabricated by PCBWay consumes less power. Hence, utilizing energy efficiently.
4. The PCBs are moisture and dust resistant. Hence, they are suitable for an open environment like lighting for streetlights.
5. The PCBs come in different sizes. Depending upon your application, PCBWay manufactures PCBs from computers to smartphones and from cars to traffic lights.
6. Due to their flexibility, LED PCBs are easy to integrate into complex interface assemblies.


Due to their lightweight, high design flexibility and brilliant energy efficiency. They find implementation in many sectors.


Automobile headlight
Automobile headlight

PCBWay fabricates durable PCBs and offers the best pricing structure among its competitors. Flex PCB, rigid PCB, rigid-flex PCBs are designed according to the automobile requirements. These PCBs are used in indication lights, headlights, brake lights, digital displays, GPS, transmission control units, etc.


LED PCB inside WiFi Router
LED PCB inside WiFi Router

For fast and effective communication, high-quality PCBs are required. And PCBWay is the right provider for these PCBs. They manufacture PCB for phone switching systems, VoIP devices, satellites, high-speed routers, cell towers, etc.


LED PCB used in a keyboard
LED PCB used in a keyboard

It is the most common PCB requirement sector. Most household appliances fall in this category. It includes smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, desktop PC, laptops, television, game consoles, etc.


Blue medical lighting LED PCB board
Blue medical lighting LED PCB board

It’s the primary sector for innovative technology and PCB applications. These PCBs are the functional units for monitoring, diagnostic and treatment devices. X-ray screens, CT scanners, heart rate, and blood pressure monitors have circuit boards inside them.

Apart from the above sectors, these PCBs also find application in street lighting, solar lighting, flashlights, traffic and signal lighting, military field applications, and much more.

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