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PCBWay is organizing a PCB Design Tutorial contest. It is a platform to share your ideas with a global audience on PCB design tips, software instructions, tutorials, and much more. So, if you have any ideas that you might want to share with the world, then this is the right place. You can either upload an article describing your PCB tutorial in detail or upload an interactive video on the project. To know how you can participate and get a golden chance to win amazing prizes, keep yourself glued till the end of this article.

How to participate in the PCB design tutorial contest?

Sharing your PCB design idea is a five-step process. Just follow these easy five steps to unlock your chances of winning huge prizes.

  1. Visit PCBWay and select the PCB design tutorial category.
  2. Under this, either select the Article or Video option and provide the necessary details regarding your project.
  3. Add a cover image for your project.
  4. Add the necessary tags related to your project. It creates easy access to the person finding the particular project.
  5. Now after uploading your post, the PCBWay team will verify your project authenticity. After successful verification, you will receive cash coupons, and depending on your project idea creativity and popularity, you can win cash prizes also.
Provide the necessary information on your article or video in PCB design tutorial contest
Provide the necessary information on your article or video

What type of content is accepted?

Only original project ideas based on PCBs or related to PCBs are accepted. It includes-

  • PCB designing tutorials on KiCAD, Altium, Cadence allegro, or any other PCB designing software.
  • Project videos or articles on PCB boards for beginners or experienced.
  • PCB design experience in the form of theoretical texts or practical guides.
  • Any creative PCB tutorial (not mentioned here) that might help other project makers.

Rules and regulations

  • Explain your project article nicely in more than 500 words. It must contain at least two pictures illustrating the purpose of your project.
  • The minimum video length is three minutes. Try to be descriptive and upload a high-definition video in a good background. If it is a previous PCB video project, make sure it’s not older than one year from the last date of the video submission.
  • There are no language-related restrictions. So, feel free to describe your project idea in your mother tongue. In this way, you can be more descriptive and confident to your audience.
  • Only original and authentic project ideas are valid in this contest. Any form of plagiarism may lead to suspension of awards and elimination from the competition.
  • You can share more than one project idea in this contest. But make sure to submit any of your PCB design tutorials before May 25, 2021 (GMT+8).

Awards and prizes

A successful project publication makes you eligible for $50-$100 coupons and 500 PCBWay beans. Using these beans, you can redeem a gift anytime from the PCBWay official website. Now, depending on other performances, you can also win additional prizes, which are listed below.

Different awards for PCB design tutorial contest
Awards and prizes for winners

The Most Popular award

In this category, team PCBWay will select the top 6 project ideas on the following three aspects: Content quality, number of views, and likes. These three aspects are interconnected, as a good project idea will attract more viewers, which ultimately increases the like count of your project. So, try to present your best because the winner in this category will receive a cash prize of $800 and 2000 PCBWay beans along with other certificates.

The best contribution award

The eligibility for this award holds if you upload more than three PCB project ideas during this contest. The winner in this category will be selected based on the content quality and popularity of the project. Team PCBWay will facilitate the winner with a Cash Prize of $500, 2000 PCBWay beans, $150 coupons, and other certificates.
So, hurry and participate in the PCB design tutorial contest to maximize your chances of winning these impressive prizes.


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