PCB testing methods and Properties: 7 ways to ensure best quality PCBs

Either you use a PCB board in commercial or industrial applications, if the quality of the PCB board is not adequate, the chances of PCB failure are more. Problems like design failure, thermal stress, or a power failure may arise in such PCB boards. Various PCB testing methods are necessary for avoiding these problems and ensuring the best quality PCB boards. To know how PCBWay takes a little extra care and provides optimum quality PCB boards, stay with us till the end of this article.

PCB Design Rule Check (DRC)

Before dispatching a PCB board, the PCBWay team ensures that the physical layout of the PCB must satisfy recommended parameters, aka design rules. The trace width, the distance between trace and pads, the through-holes spacing must be within defined parameters. The width of the power line and the ground line must be suitable. There should be a tight coupling between the power supply and the ground wire. With their best inspection team, PCBWay makes sure that no defective board moves out of the assembly line.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

PCB testing methods: AOI of a PCB board
AOI of a PCB board

In high dense circuits and large volume applications, sometimes it becomes difficult to catch a defect with a human eye. But, with the advantage of AOI, no quality defects are left behind. AOI technology uses an optical camera to scan and detect failures in a PCB board. The camera captures a high-resolution image of the board. After this, using image processing, a computer checks for any missing parts from the PCB. Overall, it is a low-cost and one of the efficient PCB testing methods for multi-layer circuit boards.

Electronic test- Probe test

PCB testing methods: Flying probe test of a PCB board
Flying probe test of a PCB board

A flying probe test is an easy and accurate way to check faulty or broken conductors on the PCB board. PCBWay uses an automatic optical alignment system with a traditional flying needle machine to check open or short circuits in a PCB. With the best image processing software and flying pin cameras, the computer scans the entire PCB and automatically rejects the board if found defective.

Automated X-Ray Inspection (AXI)

PCB testing methods: AXI machine
An AXI machine inspecting a PCB board

With AXI technology, we can detect defects that are not visible with optical inspection methods. It is possible that most of the flaws may go unnoticed in other PCB testing methods, but not in this one. An X-ray tube emits x-rays on the PCB board. After passing through the PCB, an X-ray detector detects and converts these X-rays to an electronic image. With the help of image processing software, the position, size, and other expected features of the PCB get analyzed. PCBWay uses 2D as well as 3D AXI technology to ensure marked performance.

Impedance control

The impedance value of a PCB board is crucial in determining signal transmission rate and frequency. The width & thickness of the copper line, ground line path, and the medium’s dielectric constant affects the impedance of PCB. PCBWay makes sure that the impedance value must lie within the standard limit on any of the PCB boards.

PCB Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certification

A PCB board with UL identification number (E488074)
A PCB board with UL identification number (E488074)

PCBWay manufactures all its PCB boards using UL796 according to ZPMV2. In simple words, a UL mark symbolizes a product standard and safety. A UL mark on any product is worldwide accepted proof that the product meets the specific, defined requirements.

RoHS Compliance

Before opting for any PCB testing methods, PCBWay ensures that all the materials in the manufacturing and testing of PCB boards do not violate RoHS compliance. PCBWay vows never to use a material that may lead to environmental pollution. Lead, Mercury, Cadmium are some of the materials that pollute the environment and are hazardous for humans. That’s why PCBWay uses a lead-free surface finish on its PCB boards. You can also opt for other lead-free solutions like immersion gold/silver/tin, hard-gold, and OSP.

Apart from these qualities, PCBWay offers a fair pricing structure, on-time shipping, and 24 hours customer support for you. So, for any of your PCB solutions, visit PCBWay.com.

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