How PCBWay take care of Electronic components Sourcing of Your PCB for you.

Electronic Components Sourcing

PCBWay‘s computer circuit board assembly services make use of its PCB manufacturing facility. It has its electronic components procurement team, and PCB assembly house in Shenzhen, China. As a UL member, PCBWay has certified all its facilities to ISO9001.

Component sourcing
Component sourcing

After the parties are aligned concerning the goals, they begin by gathering the information from the engineering and procurement teams. The key here is that the company confirm you’ve got all the required information including-

  • supplier and manufacturer names
  • part numbers
  • descriptions
  • pricing
  • historic annual volumes

This capability can potentially save your extensive time and financial resources invested in developing a product that will potentially become difficult to manufacture after a brief period.

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Enhancement and service

PCBWay provides comprehensive components of sourcing service to enhance our assembly service. Moreover, there are four flexible options for you to choose from their components sourcing service.

  1. Supplying all the components which can be purchased from authorized and reliable distributors.

Attention: No substitutes are going too used without getting your approval.

  1. Buying all components from distributors you recommend.
  2. Kitted or Consigned: You supply all the components to them.
  3. Combo: You supply some components and they supply the rest.


PCB delivery

PCBWay has an excellent cooperative relationship with some authorized and famous distributors that enables them to supply original and top-quality components. These are-

  • Digi-key Electronics
  • Mouser Electronics
  • Farnell element14
  • Arrow Electronics
  • Avnet

Additionally, they even have some reliable local electronic suppliers. The local suppliers are their top choice since they need tons of stock, and this saves a lot of time to urge the components. Only components that aren’t available will be arranged from the above international distributors. It’ll take about 5-7 business days to get the components under the circumstances. Sometimes there can be a delay of 7-10 business days due if customs clearance.

Their commitment to making value for the customers and business partners is what they thrive on. Further, with an innovative mindset, they firmly focus on advancing, disruptive technologies that shape the terms of supply chains. They continuously explore new opportunities for business growth through strategic innovation in electronics markets.

Now, if your project is urgent and you want inexpensive components compared to the price they quoted, they can shop for the components from your recommended suppliers. Moving further, their engineers and buyers will review your bill of materials (BOM) at the start of the purchasing process and apply expertise within the following areas. But please understand that they won’t guarantee the standard of components.

How to Get Quotation of Components

You should provide an accurate BOM with detailed information about things, raw materials, package, description, part number, etc. To avail of quotation instantly, you’ll have to download their BOM template to make your BOM with the necessary information.

They have professional teams and a global supply chains as their supporters. Component counterfeiting may be a serious risk to the manufacture of electronics goods. As such, they strictly review processes and criteria that govern the procurement and consequently nullify this risk for their customers.

They only purchase components from their approved list of suppliers (original manufacturers, or official distributors). Besides, every component subjects to a radical incoming goods inspection also as continuous testing throughout production. Thus, all their customers are assured of a top-quality outcome.


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