BC547 transistor Pinout, Specs, Datasheet, Equivalent and Uses

Pinout of BC547 transistor

BC547 transistor pinout or pin diagram has three pins, starting from left: collector, emitter, and base respectively. It is available in two packages: SMD and TO-92 package. BC547 is an NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor. And like all other transistors, BC547 has three pins called the emitter, collector, and base respectively. BC547 transistor acts as a … Read more

NOR Gate using Diodes and Transistor on Breadboard

I am sure you must be familiar with a NOR Gate, its Truth Table, Logic symbol, and its working. But do you know, you can build your own NOR Gate on Breadboard?  So in this post, you will learn how to make a NOR Gate using Diodes and a Transistor on a Breadboard.

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