Introduction to Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect pinout, specs & datasheet

Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect Pinout in detail

The Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect is the latest development board released by the Arduino company. This board came into existence after the release (and too much hype) of Raspberry pi Pico by the Raspberry pi foundation. The Raspberry pi pico is based on their first microcontroller chip, RP2040. And Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect uses the … Read more

BC548 transistor Pinout, Specifications, Datasheet and Applications

BC548 Transistor pinout

BC458 is a general-purpose NPN transistor used in many electronics projects and devices. BC548 transistor is used for amplifying and switching purposes in electrical circuits. Like every other NPN transistor, it consists of three pins: the collector, base, and emitter. BC548 Transistor Pinout Pin No. Pin Name Description 1 Collector The flow of current will … Read more