Single phase Induction motor: Construction, Working & Starting methods

single phase induction motor

A single-phase induction motor is a type of AC motor which consists of a single-phase winding on the stator and requires a single-phase AC supply to create a working flux for the motor. But have you ever thought, why do we need a single-phase induction motor when we already have a three-phase induction motor?It is … Read more

Induction Motor: Construction, Working principle & Advantages

induction motor

An Induction motor is the most widely used AC motor in industrial and domestic applications. Now you might think, why is it so? It is because of the low cost, simple and rugged construction of the motor. Moreover, it has good operating characteristics with an efficiency as high as 90%. An induction motor does not … Read more

12 key differences between Induction Motor & Synchronous Motor

difference between induction motor and synchronous motor

An AC motor is simply an electromechanical circuit that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. This mechanical energy is either utilized in industrial or domestic applications. Based on the operating principle, we can classify AC motors into two types. i.e., Induction and Synchronous Motors. If these names are unfamiliar to you, don’t worry and stick … Read more