PCB project ideas: 3 New project ideas of July 2021

3 New PCB project ideas

A PCB is an acronym for Printed Circuit boards. These printed circuit boards are one of the most vital components of modern-day electronics. From computers to kids’ toys, a PCB covers a wide range of applications. In this article, we have selected three PCB project ideas for July 2021.So, without delaying any further, let us … Read more

IoT project ideas: 3 New project ideas for June 2021

IoT project ideas

IoT (or the Internet of Things) is a network of billions of physical devices communicating and sharing information over the internet. With IoT, we can provide a physical object a digital brain. Seems impossible, right? But, that’s a small part of the IoT universe. There are no limitations of IoT project ideas. It could be … Read more

Project ideas using Arduino: 3 New Ideas for June 2021

Arduino projects

This article presents three new project ideas using Arduino on custom PCB boards. With its simple and accessible user experience, most hobbyists and students prefer Arduino over other microcontrollers. Despite its many advantages, the Arduino board is relatively inexpensive as compared to other microcontrollers. Hence, a worldwide community shares their project ideas using an Arduino. … Read more

ATtiny85 projects: 3 New Ideas on custom PCB boards


ATtiny85 is a small yet powerful microcontroller suitable for low-power applications. It comes with 8KB flash memory and 512bytes of RAM and EEPROM, which lets it store numerous programs in it. Its 8-bit RISC-based CPU allows you to interact with real-time applications at a much greater speed. Its I2C and SPI feature lets you communicate … Read more


new one

This article presents the best three Christmas PCB projects of 2020 from PCBWay. Recently, PCBWay organized a Christmas PCB design contest. A lot of projects were shared on their website. Each one of them was unique. Kudos to all the participants from our side. But here are the best three projects that were a notch … Read more