PCB testing methods and Properties: 7 ways to ensure best quality PCBs


Either you use a PCB board in commercial or industrial applications, if the quality of the PCB board is not adequate, the chances of PCB failure are more. Problems like design failure, thermal stress, or a power failure may arise in such PCB boards. Various PCB testing methods are necessary for avoiding these problems and … Read more

3 New ESP32 project ideas on custom PCB boards


In 2016, Espressif Systems introduced ESP32 to the world. Since then, it has become quite popular among project makers. If you are familiar with Arduino, then working on ESP32 becomes easier. ESP32 board comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which most Arduino boards do not offer. In a nutshell, ESP32 gives you a better performance at … Read more

Advanced PCB: Benefits and specifications offered by PCBWay


As the size of electronics over the PCB board reduces, their integration becomes harder. While working in dense electronic circuits, it becomes necessary to select a correct PCB board. For hassle-free operations, Advanced PCB offers several advantages over standard PCBs. Starting from the selection of materials to the test methods, Advanced PCBs follow an entirely … Read more

What are High-TG PCBs? Where to use and its advantages


High-Tg PCBs are ideal to use in high-temperature requirements (>170 degree Celsius). Tg or Glass Transition Temperature defines the temperature limit for the proper working of PCB. To put it simply, the working temperature of the PCB should always be less than the Tg(glass transition temperature) value of the substrate. Tg affects the molecular weight, … Read more

What is CNC machining? Its working, advantages, and applications


CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. And CNC machining refers to manufacturing a product with high precision, with the aid of computers. Now rolling back in time, the first CNC milling machine was built in 1952 and was known as Cincinnati Milacron Hydrotel. Since then, CNC machines are being utilized in various industries to increase … Read more