20 Great Raspberry Pi Pico projects to try in 2022

raspberry pi pico projects

Finding good raspberry pi pico projects is not that easy as the board is still very new. So, to help you with this, we have compiled 20 new raspberry pi pico projects in this article. Raspberry Pi Pico is a small, fast, and versatile board having RP2040 at its heart, a brand-new microcontroller launched by … Read more

10 New Raspberry Pi projects Ideas of 2020| Latest raspberry pi projects

10 New Raspberry Pi projects Ideas

Raspberry Pi projects have always been the center of attraction for all electronics lovers. If you are one of them then here is the list of “Top 10 New Raspberry Pi projects for 2020” which will blow your mind. NOTE: In this post, we have listed some new Raspberry Pi projects that are quite popular … Read more

Raspberry pi Projects: TOP 10 New Raspberry pi Project ideas in 2020


A Raspberry Pi is a small single-board computer. With the help of it, we can do things as simple as blinking an LED to controlling big robots. It enables people of all ages to explore computing and learn different things. But before every complex design, every twisted structure of programming involved in a project, there comes an idea to create something new, to update something existing, or to take something to the bee’s knees.

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