Speed Control of a Synchronous motor: Methods & Applications

Speed control of a Synchronous motor

A Synchronous motor is a type of AC motor that runs at a constant speed. And before discussing the speed control methods of a Synchronous motor, let us see how to find the speed of a synchronous motor. Using this simple formula: , we can calculate the synchronous speed of any synchronous motor.Let’s look at … Read more

Synchronous Motor: Working principle, Starting methods & Types

synchronous motor

A Synchronous motor is a type of AC motor which runs at a constant speed, known as synchronous speed. The rotor in a synchronous motor always maintains synchronism with the rotating magnetic field of the stator. Even the load variations do not alter the motor’s synchronism. Hence, synchronous motors are used in constant speed applications. … Read more

12 key differences between Induction Motor & Synchronous Motor

difference between induction motor and synchronous motor

An AC motor is simply an electromechanical circuit that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. This mechanical energy is either utilized in industrial or domestic applications. Based on the operating principle, we can classify AC motors into two types. i.e., Induction and Synchronous Motors. If these names are unfamiliar to you, don’t worry and stick … Read more