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Are you looking for Top Arduino Projects to make this year? Then you are at the right place! Here are the top 10 Arduino projects you must know about.

This list contains details of the top 10 most popular Arduino projects till now. Projects in this list are selected very carefully by keeping in mind each and every aspect. Please keep in mind that the projects in this list are selected mainly on the basis of creativity and application And not merely on the basis of complexity involved. So when you go through these projects, don’t judge on the basis of difficulty only. These projects will give you a good idea of Arduino’s never-ending applications. Link to each project is given below the respective project’s summary.

Read these projects to unleash that creative engineer within you!


Top 10 Arduino Projects To Make this year:

10. Arduino Against Piano Tiles:

Arduino playing piano tiles


To build a Robot that plays Piano Tiles, using LDR and Relay with Arduino UNO.

Yes, this circuit plays piano tiles on its own! Better than any human on earth. Sensors(LDR) attached to the screen senses the black tiles during gameplay and sends this info to the analog pin of Arduino in terms of Analog voltage. Arduino then activates the corresponding Relay, so that the coin connected in series with relay’s switch can hit the tile to score!                                 

Components you need for this project are:

1) Arduino Board

2)  LDR(Light dependent resistors) X 4

3) Connecting Wires

4) SPDT Relay X 4

5) Coins X 4

6) Breadboard 

Link to the project site is given below:

Arduino Playing Piano Tiles




9. Micro Servo Robot With Memory

Micro Servo Robot With Memory



The robot made of Servo Motors(on left) imitates the action or movements of the structure on the Right. This robot can also store the movement of controlling mechanism(on right) and then repeat these movements in loops using Servo-Robot.

Components you need for this project are:

1) Arduino Board

2)  Micro Servo(180 degrees) x 4

3) Nmh Battery 4.8V 

4) 22k Potentiometer x 4

5) Connecting Wires

6)  Buttons and Switch

7) Zip Ties and Glue

8) Metal, Plastic and Wood


Link to the project site is given below:

  Micro Servo Robot



8. Playing Music Through Floppy Drives

Source: @MrSolidSnake745


 Now you can use your floppy drives to play music! This project is made by  MrSolidSnake745. In the above video, Star Wars: Imperial March is played on 8 floppy drives. This project is a direct result of the older version: Imperial March on three floppy drives.                   


Components you need for this project are:

1) Floppy Drives

2)  Arduino Uno

3) Connecting Wires

4) Power Supply

5) Breadboard

6) CAT5 UTP Cable

You can find complete details to know how to make this project on This Instructable is posted by Analogue-Chick  and link to that project is given below:                                  

How to Make Musical Floppy Drives


7. Arduino robot-Rubik’s cube solver

Rubik’s Cube Solver Robot Using Arduino



 This robot, made of 2 Servo Motor and Arduino can solve Rubik’s cube within 20 minutes. You can do some adjustments in code and mechanism to decrease this time.  

This project was posted on by matt2uy. Link to this instructable is given at the bottom.          

Components you need for this project are:

1)  2 Servos

2)  Arduino Uno

3) Connecting Wires

4) wooden skewers

5) thin plywood

6) wooden wheel 

7) Resistors


– Arduino IDE – (Algorithms in C++)

– Python 2.7+ and Tkinter – (GUI)

– Pyserial

Link to the project site is given below:

Rubik’s Cube Solver



6. Secret Knock Detecting Lock

Secret Knock Detecting Lock using Arduino


This “Secret Knock Detecting Lock” opens the lock when a secret knock is given on the door. One can change the knock pattern according to his/her need by just pressing the programming button and recording the knock. Up to 20 knocks pattern can be stored in this version of the code. 



Link to the project site is given below:

Secret Knock Detecting Lock


5. Coke Piano and Launchpad made with Arduino


 These Coke are not for sale! You can play any song in a loop through these Coke.

As stated by Lucas Zanella:

“The hardware (the protoboard with the Arduino and components) is made of lots of transistors for ‘body signal’ amplification, so the coke when touched activates the corresponding transistor (BC548B NPN). These cokes are plugged in directly to the transistor’s base using a wire. Arduino then reads the data and sends it via serial to the python script.”

Link to the project site is given below:

Coke Piano and Launchpad using Arduino


Source Code can be found here:

Source Code: Coke Piano



4. Time Machine Glove

DIY time machine glove


To make a glove using Arduino that can control time! Well, this glove does not stop time in reality but makes it appear though. It makes the speed of the objects to appear slow to our eyes. 

Mad Gyver demonstrated his “TIme Machine Glove” by freezing a fan, drill and T.V screen in this video.

Components you need for this project are:

1)  Arduino Board

2)  DC-DC Boost Converter

3) Accelerometer

4) Potentiometer

5) Lithium Battery

6)  Connecting Wires

7) 10k and 100-ohm Resistor.

8) LED 100 Watt (white)

9) Mosfet

10) Glove

Link to the project site is given below:

Time Machine Glove Using Arduino


3. Ball And Plate PID Control

Ball and Plate Arduino PID control

OBJECTIVE: To make a Ball-Plate PID control using Arduino.

Watch this video to see this “Ball And Plate PID Control” project in action.                                                                                               



Components you need for this project are:

1. Arduino Board

2. Digital Servo Motors (HS-422 ECO) x 2

3. Wire Resistive Touchscreen (7″) x 4

4. Real-Time Module DS1307

5. Wii Nunchuck kit

6. IR remote kit

7. Breadboard

8. Connecting Wires

Link to the project site is given below:

Ball & Plate Arduino PID Control



2. Wireless Arduino Powered Chess

Source: @FubGowRightNow12


In this project, two chess-boards communicate with each other wirelessly. If one player moves his pawn on one chessboard, the corresponding pawn on other chess-board will make the same move!   


Link to the project site is given below:

Wireless Arduino Powered Chess



1.  Wall-E Robot Using Arduino

Wall-E Robot Using Arduino UNO


To make a Wall-E look-alike robot using Arduino which can perform several actions like following your finger using voice recognition.

Watch this video to see “Wall-E” in action!

Components you need for this project are:

1) Infrared Proximity Sensor

2) Servomotor

3) Continuous Rotation Servomotor

4) Connecting Wires

5) VR Module

6) LED’S

7) Arduino UNO

8) Battery

Link to the project site is given below:

Wall-E Robot Using Arduino 




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