Are you someone looking for cool projects; someone planning to learn something big like simulations; or you just a techno geek craving for new tech humming around the world? Then you are in luck my friend! eTechnophiles is your place to You crash!!


“Make it or Break it!” our motto! We challenge today’s monotonous and “cram-it-up” learning of institutions; here at eTechnophiles we turn ideas into fantasies and fantasies thus to realities. We believe innovation is possible only once creativity and mind are pushed to their limits. Ironically learning “simple” today is difficult while learning “higher” is expensive; eTechnophiles present a solution where we take you through the roots of technological world in the most fashionable way and crave up your hunger to devour its fruit.


At eTechnophiles we provide various projects and tutorials making learning easy and fun. Need an engineering project? Here, we are happy to help. Engineering concepts like CAE and simulation based analysis explained and exercised at their fullest making your job easy. Just watch, Enjoy and learn! Along with this we keep you updated with the latest buzz from the tech world. May it be the new Apple or the latest Hyper car, we impede at nothing.