Tiny 2040 Pinout, Specs, Board Layout: Better than Rpi pico?

Tiny 2040 Pinout and specs in detail

Tiny 2040 is a small size development board based on the RP2040 microcontroller, a dual-core Arm cortex M0+ that runs on 133 MHz clock frequency. Due to its compact size, it is getting attention in many ambitious projects where space is the main constraint. Tiny2040 has a total of 16 pins(3 additional pins are for … Read more

New RPi Zero 2W VS Zero W: Differences, design, specs, and benchmarks

RPI Zero 2W vs Rpi Zero W

In this post, We will discuss the differences between RPi Zero 2W vs Zero W. Such as comparison of their specs, design, speed, wireless connectivity, ports, performance and power consumption, etc. Raspberry Pi Zero 2W is the latest single-board computer released by the Raspberry Pi foundation. Zero 2W is an upgrade to the original Zero … Read more

RPI Zero 2W Board Layout: GPIO Pinout, Specs, Schematic in detail

Raspberry Pi Zero 2W GPIO Pinout with Board layout

Raspberry pi or RPI Zero 2W is the second generation Zero board released by the RPI foundation. It has a 64 bit Quad-core CPU with four A53 cores clocked at 1 GHz and a 512 Mb LPDDR2 Ram clocked at 450 MHz. It’s worth mentioning that both of these are placed in a single SIP(system … Read more

15 Great Raspberry pi Zero W & Raspberry pi Zero projects

15 New Raspberry pi Zero projects

Raspberry pi Zero and Zero W are the two most popular picks among various SOCs (System on Chip) in the family of Raspberry pi. Their low cost and small size make them preferable for different applications. Even today, both Zero and Zero W are still as good as a new SOC to develop various project … Read more

Raspberry Pi 400 Specs, Setup, & Reviews(Before you buy!)

Raspberry Pi 400 board layout

Raspberry Pi 400 is like a dream come true for keyboard and compact PC lovers. It looks like a simple keyboard from the outside but has a powerful Raspberry Pi 4 hidden inside. Yes, R-PI 400 is actually a compact PC in the shape of a keyboard! This board is ideal for surfing the web, … Read more

20 Great Raspberry Pi Pico projects to try in 2022

raspberry pi pico projects

Finding good raspberry pi pico projects is not that easy as the board is still very new. So, to help you with this, we have compiled 20 new raspberry pi pico projects in this article. Raspberry Pi Pico is a small, fast, and versatile board having RP2040 at its heart, a brand-new microcontroller launched by … Read more