9 Best Books On Home Automation in 2024

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Since you are looking for books on Home Automation you already know what it is. So we feel no need to get into that. We’ll get straight to the point.

This article contains a curated list of the best books on Home Automation available in the market. Each book is hand-picked by our research experts. And so we have brought to you the 9 best books on Home Automation available in the market.

List of 9 Best Books on Home Automation

Which is the overall best book on home automation? (Our pick)

Among the list of best books, we would prefer Home Automation Made Easy by Dennis C. Brewer  as the best overall book. Not only does it provide detailed instructions on designing and installing home automation systems, but it also focuses on improving energy efficiency and security. This book will also guide you in selecting the good home automation products available in the market.

Which is the overall best book on home automation for beginners? (Our pick)

For beginners, we suggest Home Automation For Dummies as the starting guide for home automation. This book will teach you to set up and control various household devices with your smartphone, tablet, or computer with an active internet connection. The book also includes some life hacks that provide a practical approach to the common problems related to smart devices.

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Home Automation-A Smart Home Guide By Frederic Marsh

Home Automation By Frederic Marsh covers everything you should know about Google Home, Echo Dot, and Amazon Alexa. It is not just a book but a guide containing easy instructions, directions, and commands for self-learners. That makes it a perfect manual for beginners.


  • This book helps you choose the best techniques to automate your home by providing you with all the necessary information.


  • Only a Kindle version is available of this book. A paperback version has not yet been published.

Home Automation for Dummies by Dwight Spivey

Do you want to be able to control your home with just a few clicks on your device? If so, this is the book for you. As the title suggests, this book is for absolute beginners. And you will become an expert in automating your home by the end of the book. One of the best things about this book is the tips and tricks provided to make the best and fullest use of your smart home devices.


  • The book acts as a product catalog to help you choose the best device for your home.


  • Many customers reported image quality issues in the eBook version.

Home Automation Made Easy by Dennis C. Brewer

Home Automation Made Easy by Dennis C. Brewer is a one-of-a-kind book on home automation since it teaches you to build your home automation systems from scratch without any external help. With Dennis’s guidance, you can create low-cost, low-maintenance home automation systems for your home. The book even covers basic concepts of wiring and installation of home automation software on your devices before starting with the projects.


  • Since you will be creating your home automation systems all by yourself you do not have to pay monthly maintenance fees.


  • The book gives a lot of importance to the HAL system which is a bit expensive.

Smart Home Automation with Linux by Steven Goodwin

Smart Home Automation with Linux by Steven Goodwin specifically focuses on controlling your home with the Linux operating system. The book contains 7 chapters in total; each one focusing on appliance control, appliance hacking, media systems, servers, wired network, communication, data sources, and control hubs respectively. The chapter on media systems teaches you how you can set up Google, Gmail, and Twitter accounts for your home.


  • A great book for beginners since it covers X10 and C buses in detail.


  • This book only tells you about Linux operating system. Replicating the same actions using other operating systems might not always be that simple.

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The Smart Home Manual by Marlon Buchanan

In “The Smart Home Manual,” Marlon Buchanan provides a professional and comprehensive guide to building a smart home from scratch. He covers all the basics, from choosing the right hardware and software to set up your network and security. The 3 chapters of this book extensively cover the introductory information. So if you have started exploring the field recently, this is the book for you.


  • A dedicated chapter on “laying the foundation of your smart home” will help you achieve your long-term goal of automating your home.


  • This book only introduces you to home automation but does not cover the technology involved in doing so.

The Smarthome Book by Andrew Howe

If you are looking to upgrade your home to a smart home then this is just the book for you. The book covers the implementation of home cinema, audio and video systems, security with remote monitoring, energy efficiency, and setting up data networks in detail. In addition, this book gives you tips to manage your expenses during the upgrade of your home into a smart home.

One of the book’s strongest points is its focus on practicality; rather than simply listing features and benefits, Howe provides detailed instructions on how to implement various automation tasks.


  • The author provides suggestions for automating each room of the house.


  • The book has only a few pictures and sketches, which might have made comprehending the material easier.

Home Automation Basics by Thomas E. Leonik


Paperback: $29.84

Home Automation Basics by Thomas E. Leonik is a practical applications book that uses Visual Basics “RM” 6 for Home Automation. The book teaches you programming concerning real-world interfacing and control. Readers have found that the applications covered in this book are reproducible and modifiable to suit your needs, making it an excellent practical guide for home automation.


  • The book teaches you to communicate over an RS232 connection via the mscomm32.ocx.


  • No Kindle version is available for this book.

Arduino Home Automation projects by Marco Schwartz

Home Automation with Arduino by Marco Schwartz is a book that will teach you how to automate your homes using open-source hardware. You will learn to build alarm systems, smart power switches, Bluetooth weather stations, and more. This book is perfect for someone who is inspired to make their personalized Home Automation projects using simple hardware and software solutions.

Using this book, you’ll be able to Connect home automation components with Arduino and Automate your projects to communicate wirelessly using XBee, Bluetooth, and WiFi. In no time, you’ll have built seven interesting, step-by-step home automation projects with Arduino.


  • You will find codes after each chapter that you can run on your machine.


  • To comprehend the projects in this book, you’ll need a basic understanding of Arduino and basic programming languages such as C and C++.

Home Automation with Raspberry Pi by Donald Norris

“Home Automation with Raspberry: Projects Using Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Other Intelligent Personal Assistants” starts with an introduction to the hardware section and then smoothly transitions to the software section. We haven’t found a better book covering both hardware and software for home automation in such depth.

This hands-on tutorial book teaches you how to use the powerful Raspberry Pi for home automation in an easy-to-follow format. And offers do-it-yourself projects for Amazon Echo, Google Home, smart lightbulbs and thermostats, and other technologies. You’ll also learn how to make gadgets that can work together with or even replace commercially available smart home devices.


  • The glossary at the end of the book contains definitions of all the significant terms in the book.


  • The original version of this book was published in Spanish, so a few translational errors are found in the text.

Best Books On Home Automation: Conclusion

These are some of the best books available on the market for Home Automation. Each book has a different focus, and you should choose the one that best suits your needs. If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with “Home Automation for Dummies” by Dwight Spivey. And if you’re looking for a more comprehensive guide, we suggest “Home Automation Made Easy” by Dennis C. Brewer

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