11 Best IoT Books For Beginners in 2024 (Hand-picked)

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Internet of Things, or simply IoT is a system of physical devices connected to the internet that collects and shares data. This data can be used to control and automate various processes. Like the smart home, with automatic lights, virtual assistants, etc. If you are looking for options to learn IoT in depth, then we have selected the 11 best IoT books for beginners. Scroll below to select the one suitable for you.

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Which is the overall best IoT book?

The IoT fundamentals - Networking Technologies & Protocols  easily tops the list for the best overall IoT book. It is an ideal resource for those who want to dive deep into the field of IoT. The book is also thoroughly researched and up-to-date, making it a valuable reference for anyone involved in the development or deployment of IoT solutions.

Which is the best IoT book for beginners?

Getting Started with the Internet of Things  is one of the best books for beginners who are new to this field. The book explains various types of sensors and microcontrollers that can be used to collect data. You will also learn how to transmit data to the cloud, where it can be stored and analyzed. Overall, this book is an easy-to-follow guide to building IoT applications.

Precision by Timothy Chou

Precision by Timothy Chou is suitable for engineers, SW developers, and business developers. The book is divided into two major parts. The first one covers the principles and practices and the second one covers solutions.

The case studies in the practices section focus on industries like power, agriculture, construction, and water supply.


  • The book not only teaches you IoT but also Fault-Tolerant Computing, Cloud Computing, and Precision Data.


  • The book is pretty advanced for high school or fresh undergraduate students.

The Internet of Things by Samuel

The Internet of Things by Samuel Greengard is a part of the MIT Press Essential Knowledge series. This book provides a complete overview and present state of the market. It gives a glossy and optimistic overview of the subject and is hence suitable for absolute beginners.

Advanced students might disagree with some statements made by the author.


  • This book gives you an insight into the future of IoT through the “Day in the Life” narration based in 2025.


  • An in-depth explanation and comprehensive knowledge about IoT are not provided in this book.

Getting Started with the Internet of Things by Cuno Pfister

If you want to learn about the Internet of Things by trying out different projects then this book is perfect for you. It teaches you how to connect sensors and microcontrollers to the Cloud. The book uses .NET Micro Framework and Netduino Plus board to build devices based on IoT.

It also gives you a glimpse into the future of the Internet of Things, predicting how it will transform our lives and reshape our world.


  • You will learn to make simple and everyday objects like refrigerators and sensors smart.


  • This book lacks a section on security that will inform you about the risks of the Internet of things.

Building the Internet of Things by Maciej Kranz

Building the Internet of Things by Maciej Kranz is a project workbook. It takes you through four phases. The first phase of the book is vision & path which enables you to identify your project vision. The second phase is about research & plan which majorly includes peer reviews.

It is followed by the third phase, i.e., prepare & blueprint which teaches you to design the perfect approach for your project. And lastly, the final phase is about implementation & scale.


  • This is not like your traditional project book. With the help of this book, you can create any project you can come up with.


  • The book is more of a practical guide and does not cover many theoretical concepts about IoT.

IoT fundamentals by David Homes & Gonzalo Salgueiro

IoT Fundamentals is a great book to understand networking technologies, protocols, and practical applications for IoT. This book is written by five experts from a top IT company – Cisco. The authors build up your knowledge in a chain.

They first introduce you to key concepts of IoT then they teach you the protocols to design technologically sound projects that give a 360° IoT solution.


  • Coming from top experts of Cisco, the information available in this book is up-to-date and up to the mark.


  • The book does not give detailed information on certain topics but only follows a bird’s eye view approach.

The Internet of Things by Oliver Hersent, David Boswarthick, and Omar Elloumi

The Internet of Things by Oliver Hersent, David Boswarthick, and Omar Elloumi starts by providing you with a list of acronyms that are most commonly used in the field. This book has given a lot of significance to the architecture of the devices which is of great use for engineering students.

You will find dedicated chapters of Zigbee and Zigbee 2.0 respectively which are not found in any other IoT books.


  • If you are a project manager working on a smart grid then you will find no better reference book than this.


  • The Kindle version of this book is too expensive.

IoT – Internet of Things for Beginners by Charles Crowell

IoT – Internet of Things for Beginners by Charles Crowell is the first stop about IoT that covers all you need to know if you are a newbie in the field. This book contains dedicated chapters on what is IoT, the effect of IoT on everyday life, categories, its benefits & shortcomings, and the future of IoT in our lives.


  • The book is written in a very simple language that is easy to understand. You will find less jargon in this book as opposed to other beginner books.


  • Some readers believe the contents of this book are very superficial with no exact information.

Hands-On Internet of Things with MQTT by Tim Pulver

Hands-On Internet of Things with MQTT is not for absolute beginners but for IoT developers looking to learn to integrate Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) with IoT. The book starts you off with basic concepts of IoT and MQTT and leads you to build connected IoT devices with Arduino and MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT).

There are 3 detailed hands-on project models at the end of this book that will give you a practical insight to the overall concepts of the book.


  • This book not only introduces you to IoT but also to MQTT which is an up-and-coming technology.


  • You need to have a basic understanding of programming with Arduino while reading this book.

Learning Internet of Things by Peter Waher

Learning Internet of Things by Peter Waher thoroughly explains all the basic components and competencies of IoT making it a perfect book for beginners. Anyone looking to enter this niche can use this as a reference book.

This book not only covers theoretical concepts of IoT but also elaborates on making projects with IoT, launching them on the internet, and securing them throughout their lifespan.


  • HTTP, UPnP, CoAP, MQTT, and XMPP protocols are comprehensively introduced in the book.


  • The book does not cover much of how Windows 10 falls into the big picture of IoT.

Internet of Things by Arshdeep Bahga and Vijay Madisetti

Internet of Things by Arshdeep Bahga and Vijay Madisetti is ideal for undergraduate students. It teaches the physical and logical design of IoT. It introduces you to the most common technologies where IoT can be implemented to make life easier.

The simple language and illustrative diagrams and charts throughout the book make this an excellent read for beginners.


  • The book gives equal importance to hardware, software, and programming.


  • The font size of the book is very small which creates difficulty for readers with glasses.

MicroPython for the Internet of Things by Charles Bell

This book is the best example of the fact that you do not need traditional programming languages to create projects on IoT. The use of MicroPython to build smart applications is discussed in this book. We say this is a beginner’s guide to programming with MicroPython on Microcontrollers.

The book contains basic to advanced procedures needed to connect hardware components to the software.


  • People having no prior knowledge of electronic devices will safely be able to explore the contents of this book.


  • The book focuses on certain boards that are not commonly used by hobbyists.

Conclusion – Best IoT Books for Beginners

The applications of IoT are endless. But if you are stuck in selecting the correct book then we would recommend reading IoT fundamentals by David Homes, Gonzalo Salgueiro, Patrick Grossetete, Rob Barton, and Jerome Henry. We believe it’s a perfect book for absolute beginners having no prior experience.

If you are looking to implement your knowledge of IoT into practical real-life applications then we recommend you read Building the Internet of Things by Maciej Kranz.

And if you want to gain in-depth knowledge of IoT from scratch then Learning Internet of Things by Peter Waher is the book for you.

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