BS170 MOSFET Pinout, Datasheet, Equivalent & Specs

BS170 is an N-channel Enhancement MOSFET capable of switching 60 V. It has a maximum drain current rating of 500 mA(continuous) and 1200 mA(pulsed), Drain to Source resistance of 1.2 ohms(typical), and maximum power dissipation rating of 830 mW. BS170 is often used in place of 2N7000 due to their similar characteristics.

Its Gate Threshold voltage rating is 3 V(VDS = VGS, ID = 1 mA). Hence, BS170 is a logic-level MOSFET.

This MOSFET is ideal for low-power switching applications such as small lamps, relays, and motors.

BS170 comes in the TO-92 package and MBBF170, its SMD version, is available in the SOT-23 package. P channel BS520P is its counterpart.

BS170 Pinout

Just like any other Mosfet, the BS170 pinout has three pins: Drain, Gate, and Source respectively from left to right(flat side with the leads pointed downward).

BS170 Mosfet Pinout
BS170 Mosfet Pinout
Pin NameDescription
GGateControls the MOSFET, used to turn it on and off.
DDrainCurrent flows through the Drain, usually connected to a load(P-channel).
SSourceCurrent comes out of transistor through the emitter, usually grounded(P-channel).
Pin configuration of BS170 Transistor

Note: ONSEMI recently released a new version of BS170 in December 2021. Its Pinout is different from all other manufacturer's designs: The Gate and Source pins are swapped in this new version. The pinout of ONSEMI's BS170 is shown below
New BS170 Pinout by ONSEMI
New BS170 Pinout by ONSEMI

Specs and Features

Given below are the technical specifications of FQP30N06L in a Tabular form.

TypeN Channel
Drain-Source voltage60 V
Gate-Source voltage± 20 V
Gate Threshold voltage3 V Max.
Max. Drain Current- Continuous500 mA
Max. Drain Current- Pulsed1200 mA
Max. Junction temperature-55 °C to 150 °C
Max. RDS(ON) (VGS = 10 V, ID = 200 mA)5 Ohm
Max. power dissipation830 mW
BS170 Specs Table


2N7000, 2N7002/NDS7002A(SMD version), IRFZ44, IRF540N, and IRF3205 are the equivalent BS170 N channel MOSFETs.

P-Channel Counterpart of BS170

BS520P N channel MOSFET is complimentary pair of BS170 N channel MOSFET. (Read More)

Features of BS170 MOSFET

  • Voltage Controlled Small Signal Switch
  • BS170 is a rugged and reliable MOSFET
  • This MOSFET has a High Saturation Current Capability
  • This Device is Pb−Free and Halogen Free


  • For Switching loads below 500 mA(continuous) and 1200mA pulsed.
  • Controlling small servo motors
  • As power MOSFET gate drivers
  • Low power switching applications: Small lamps, motors, and relays.
  • In LED flashers and dimmers


To download the datasheet of the new BS170 MOSFET by ONSEMI, click here.

To download the datasheet of similar 2N7000 from other manufacturers, click here.

Where to buy BS170 Mosfet?

You can easily find this MOSFET in your local electronics store. For online purchases, we recommend this best deal on Amazon:

Dimensions/2D model

Given below is the 2D model of BS170 in T0-92 package or enclosure. All the dimensions like height, width, and length are shown in it.

BS170 Mosfet Dimensions- 2D Model
BS170 Mosfet Dimensions- 2D Model


What type of Mosfet is BS170?

BS170 is an N-channel enhancement MOSFET. It is ideal for low-power switching applications such as small lamps, relays, and motors. It comes in a TO-92 package as well as in an SMD enclosure(MMBF170). MOSFETs are a type of transistor that is designed to work in conditions where switching speeds and efficiency need to be fast. They’re used for applications such as power supplies and converters.

Is BS170 a power Mosfet?

No, BS170 is not a power MOSFET due to its low current/voltage characteristics and TO-92 package. It’s equivalent to a switching transistor but with slightly higher power ratings. MOSFET like FQP30N06L is called a power MOSFET.

Is BS170 logic level MOSFET?

Yes, BS170 is a logic-level MOSFET due to its low Gate Threshold voltage of 3 V (VDS = VGS, ID = 1 mA). Meaning it can turn ON fully by using the logic level(3.3V OR 5V) of a microcontroller

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