CR1620 Equivalent, Voltage, Size, Uses & Life

CR1620 is a type of lightweight primary lithium coin battery that has a nominal voltage of 3V, a typical capacity of 80 mAh, weighs 1.3 g, and is 16 mm in diameter and 2.0 mm in height. It has a shelf life of 5-10 years when stored at room temperature.

CR1620 is found in products such as car keys, remote controls, micro flashlights, digital watches, credit card-sized devices, etc, and does not contain mercury, cadmium, lead, or any other harmful heavy metals or pollutants.

CR1620 positive and negative terminals
CR1620 positive and negative terminals

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CR1620 Stands for?

CR1620 stands for a lithium manganese dioxide battery (round shape) having a 16 mm diameter and 2 mm thickness.

  • The letter C indicates the chemical composition used in the battery (here ie, Lithium Manganese Dioxide)
  • The letter R indicates the shape of the battery (here ie, Round)
  • The first two digits indicate the battery’s diameter in millimeters (here ie. 16mm)
  • The second two digits indicate the battery’s thickness (here ie. 20mm)

CR1620 Battery Equivalent

CR1620 Equivalent Batteries
CR1620 Equivalent Batteries

Given below are some batteries that can be replaced with CR1620.

  • BR1620
  • ML1620
  • ECR1620
  • DL1620
  • VCR1620
  • KCR1620
  • KECR1620
  • KL1620
  • L1620

Here, it is evident that only the alphabets are different. The last four numerals are the same. Hence all these equivalents are replaceable with CR1632 but they differ in performance.

Note: The other chemistries may not offer the same features as the lithium-manganese dioxide chemistry. So it is necessary to verify the power requirements of the device before using an equivalent in the place of CR1632.

CR1620 battery specifications

CR1620 Size and capacity
CR1620 Size and capacity

The table lists the essential features of a CR1620 battery

The nominal voltage of the CR1620 battery is 3 V. It weighs 1.3 g and is 16 mm in diameter and 20 mm in height.

ShapeCompact and Round
ChemistryLithium manganese dioxide
Nominal Voltage3 V
Diameter16 mm
Thickness2.0 mm
Capacity70-80 mAh
Weight1.3 g
Operating Temperature-30 – +70 °C
Shelf Life5-10 years
CR1620 Specs table

CR1620 Applications

Given below are some of the applications of the CR1620 battery.

  • Camera
  • Electric thermometer
  • Electronic watches/clocks
  • Automotive
  • Door sill strip
  • Electric thermometer
  • Glucometer
  • Toys
  • Calculator
  • Communication equipments

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Can CR1620 be replaced with CR1632?

The batteries are of different heights. CR1632 is 3.2 mm thick while CR1620 is 2.0 mm thick. Though they have the same output voltage, some mechanical adjustments are required in order to use them interchangeably.

Are CR1620 batteries are dangerous?

No, CR1620 batteries don’t contain mercury, cadmium, lead, or any other toxic heavy metals and similar pollutants, but dangerous when swallowed – they can cause chemical burns and physical damage to internal organs.

What are the benefits of CR1620 batteries?

  • Lightweight, High Voltage, and High Energy Density
  • Very low self-discharge rate, hence long shelf life up to 10 years
  • Excellent Leakage Resistance
  • Excellent Long-Term Reliability
  • High safety

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