Flexible PCBs : Introduction, Types, Uses and Projects

What are flexible PCBs and their Types

Flexible PCBs are made of Polyimide or a transparent polyester film. Also known as flex circuits or flex prints, they are best for high temperature and high-density applications. These PCBs can take any desired shape. Moreover, they can flex while working without getting damaged. PCBWay provides high-quality flexible PCBs at an affordable price. Being flexible, … Read more

Design better and faster parts with Rapid Prototyping introduced by PCBWay

Rapid prototyping manufacturing

Rapid prototyping manufacturing means fabricating a physical component using Computer-Aided Design (CAD). In other words, products are manufactured using big machines. With the growing demand for products in the market, manufacturing a product as fast as possible becomes a topmost priority. Therefore keeping this in mind, PCBWay has introduced its Online rapid prototyping manufacturing supply. … Read more

Top 3 DC Motor Speed Controller Circuit Using Custom made PCBs

DC Motor Speed Controller Circuit

A speed controller circuit uses MOSFETs or IGBTs to control the speed of a DC Motor. A standard motor driver module gives a maximum current of up to 2 Amps. This current is not sufficient to run high power motors. So a separate controller is designed using transistors. These controller circuits fabricated on custom-made PCB … Read more

What is Aluminum PCB? It’s Structure, Specifications and Applications


“In this post, you will learn about Aluminum PCB in detail: their use, structure, specifications, and applications.” PCBWay is one of the professional PCB manufacturers for prototyping. Having more than a decade of experience, they commit to meet the needs of their customers from different industries. In terms of quality, delivery, and cost-effectiveness. They have an … Read more

Top 3 innovative PCB projects of November 20 from PCBWay

This article presents you with the top 3 innovative PCB projects on PCBWay. All the projects are a blended mixture of innovation and technology. They might differ in their ideology, but the root of all these projects is the same. And that is a PCB or Printed Circuit Board. The projects discussed here are selected … Read more



A DC generator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. The working of the DC generator is based on Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction. As the name suggests, the output obtained is DC (Direct current), where the magnitude of current or voltage is constant with time.   The DC output is utilized in field excitation of … Read more