9 Must-Have IoT Kits for Aspiring IoT Innovators in 2024

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Sometimes selecting the perfect IoT kit seems difficult when there are numerous options available online. But if you have the correct guidance, then this task becomes simple. Like the first thing to look for in an IoT kit is the controller board. Almost all IoT kits offer one or more controller boards. If you are familiar with controller boards picking the right IoT kit will be easier.

The next thing to look for is the sensors because IoT is incomplete without sensors. Always pick the one with the maximum number of sensors at the lowest price. Any additional components are a bonus.

To help you pick an IoT kit, we have reviewed some of the best IoT kits in the market. So why don’t you read along to pick one for yourself?

SunFounder ultimate starter kit

This is a 3 in 1 kit to learn IoT, make a Smart Car, and Arduino projects all in one. It’s an intermediate-level kit. It has two controller boards, 15 sensors, and several other components. It is compatible with both Arduino and IDE Scratch.

The online tutorials have a section with a graphical programming interface which is quite cool to learn from. The car projects are quite simple to build, but it gets crowded on the acrylic car plate.

Key features:

  • A total of 87 Projects are covered in online tutorials, including 11 Smart Car Projects, 8 IoT Projects, 58 C Language Projects, and 29 Scratch Projects
  • 2 controller boards: one compatible with Arduino UNO and one ESP8266
  • Number of components: 192
  • 15 Sensors
  • Easy to navigate online Tutorials for all projects
  • Cardboard box for storage of components

UCTRONICS ultimate starter kit

The ESP8266 and Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 controller boards, along with 58 other kinds of components, make this IoT kit worth every penny. There are more than 25 sensors with which you can carry out numerous IoT projects.

They also provide a paperback tutorial that has 33 detailed lessons. There are several dupont cables in the kit, eliminating the need for soldering.

Key features:

  • 2 Controller Boards: ESP8266 and Arduino MEGA 2560 R3
  • Number of components: 153
  • No soldering required
  • Dupont Cables provided for easy connection
  • 59 types of electrical components
  • 25+ Sensors
  • A paperback tutorial with 33 lessons includes topics like the introduction of components, code library, schematic, dedicated wiring diagram, detailed steps of operation, and experimental result.
  • Separate packaging for each component with clear labels
  • Solid, robust plastic box for storage
  • Professional technical support from the manufacturer

GeeekPi ultimate kit

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly IoT kit, then you have just found the perfect fit. There are simple, easy-to-follow instructions in the manual if you are acquainted with the basics. This IoT kit comes with a pre-soldered Raspberry Pi Pico W.

With more than 10 sensors, you can have lots of fun. If you need more assistance, you can always visit their website.

Key features:

  • Controller Board: Raspberry Pi Pico W (pre-soldered)
  • Number of components: 25+
  • 18 detailed demos for projects
  • Portable power supply for Pico board so you can charge it wire-free
  • 10+ Sensors
  • Tech support provided on the manufacturer’s website
  • Perfect for MicroPython Programming
  • Programming suitable with C and C++ programming language

OSOYOO NodeMCU IOT starter kit

This IoT starter kit from OSOYOO is perfect for beginners to start tinkering with IoT. This kit encourages you to learn and use MQTT, which can be used to build projects like smart homes. This is really an economical kit to get started with.

You can learn with one of the most widely used controller boards, i.e., ESP8266. This kit contains fewer sensors than most others, but at this price, you are getting a good deal.

Key features:

  • Controller board based on ESP8266
  • Number of components: 30+
  • 22 kinds of electrical components
  • 11 Sensors
  • DVD with detailed project instructions
  • 17 sample lessons with detailed circuit graphs, step-by-step tutorial, fully-tested sample codes, and video
  • Nice packaging in a plastic box

Freenove ultimate starter kit

This starter kit by Freenove has an ESP32 controller board. You can carry out numerous IoT Projects with the help of a 777-page-long detailed tutorial. Multiple sensors are provided to make your IoT journey smoother. The onboard camera on the controller board will make an exciting addition to your IoT projects.

Key features:

  • Controller Board: ESP32-WROVER
  • 777-page detailed tutorial with project instructions
  • Number of components: 240
  • Circuit diagrams and verified code with detailed explanations for each project
  • 20 Sensors for carrying out multiple IoT projects
  • A color code chart for resistors is provided
  • Plastic box for storage
  • Excellent Technical support

Arduino MKR IoT bundle

With this IoT kit, you get a chance to learn how to connect to the dashboard of Arduino’s IoT Cloud. It features the Arduino MKR 1000 controller board. But this kit could use a few more sensors. However, there are a lot of basic components you need for circuit building. With the supplied components, a beginner can learn the basics with the help of provided tutorials.

Key features:

  • Controller Board: MKR 1000
  • 5 step-by-step tutorials provided on the manufacturer’s website
  • No soldering is required as you can directly insert components in the breadboard
  • Beginner-friendly kit as it contains only the basic components
  • A single plastic box holds all the components

GAR colossus starter kit

This Starter Kit for Arduino has far more components than most other IoT kits online. It has the most controller boards on our entire list. It contains sensors that are not available in most kits.

You can do advanced projects with a variety of sensors successfully with this kit. And the most unique components in this kit are the shields. It is perfect for robotics and engineering labs.

Key features:

  • 5 controller boards: Uno R3, Mega 2560, Nano V3, ESP8266 & Uno R3 Wi-Fi, ESP32
  • 10 shields
  • Number of components: 100+
  • 24 Sensors
  • Free access to the GAR Dropbox Cloud
  • 16 GB USB flash drive includes PDFs and video links
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee on all parts
  • 2-level heavy duty tool box with organizing compartments
  • Customer support from the USA

Robotistan – electronic giant project kit

Looking for a giant IoT kit on a budget? We got you covered with this Robotistan Kit. It has an Arduino-compatible controller board and over 102 kinds of components, making it the kit with the largest number of components on our list. It is an excellent gift option for enthusiasts.

You can control your projects with your voice by using the voice sensor not available in most kits.

Key features:

  • Robotistan Uno onboard CH340 chip compatible with Arduino
  • 102 different modules and components
  • Number of components: 102 types
  • Control your projects with voice
  • 25+ sensors for carrying out multiple projects simultaneously
  • Excellent packaging with compartmentalized two-levels

OSOYOO IoT wooden house learner kit

This is one of those smart home kits that teach you the basic operations of IoT devices in a house. It is quite a beginner-friendly kit, even suitable for children. It consists of sensors that are commonly used in houses mounted on wooden boards. It is perfect for children to learn IoT programming and have fun in the process.

Key features:

  • Smart home kit with multiple sensors
  • Easy to expand and modify with other sensors provided in the kit itself
  • MEGA IoT shield has multiple connection points to add more components
  • Tutorials with 19 lessons, including libraries, main code, along with projects, are provided
  • Easy installation – simply connect the wooden boards

Conclusion – Best IoT kits

Every engineer comes across IoT at least once in their career. There’s no better way to learn about it than getting hands-on experience. These IoT kits are designed specifically for that reason. Most of them have everything you will need to get started learning IoT.

All these kits contain different controller boards. Each one is unique in its way. Choose the controller that you want to get started with and trust our suggestion to buy it.

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