13 key differences between a Motor and a Generator

Differences between a motor and a generator

Motor and generators are two of the most popular electrical machines used in an electrical system. There might be many differences between a motor and a generator, but their construction is almost similar. The main difference between a motor and a generator lies in energy conversion. While a motor converts electrical energy to mechanical energy, … Read more

Synchronous motor starting methods: Frequency control, Damper winding & more

Synchronous motor starting methods

There are three main synchronous motor starting methods: The first is by reducing the supply frequency, the second is by using an external motor, and the last is to start with damper windings. The external motor drives the synchronous motor shaft. It can either be a pony motor, a DC motor, or an Induction motor. … Read more

25 key differences between Squirrel cage and Wound Induction Motor

Differences between squirrel cage and wound induction motor

If we classify an induction motor based on the type of rotor used, there are two types of induction motor. The first is a Squirrel cage Induction motor, and the other is a Wound, aka slip ring Induction motor. Both these induction motors have a difference in their construction, starting, cost, and their application. This … Read more

5 Induction motor starting methods: DOL, Star-Delta & more

Induction motor starting methods

There are four methods to start a squirrel cage induction motor. These are Direct On-Line (DOL), Stator resistance, Auto-transformer, and Star-delta starting, while for a slip-ring induction motor, we prefer rotor resistance starting. Now, you might think that an induction motor is self-starting, then why do we need induction motor starting methods? Right? Don’t worry … Read more

15 key differences between Alternator and Generator

Difference between Alternator and Generator

If you are a student, then you might have heard the term Alternator and Generator. Both of them are electrical machines that generate electricity. But, if they both have a similar purpose then, why do we have two different names? What are the differences between Alternator and Generator? If you are looking for similar answers, … Read more

15 key differences: Single-phase vs Three-phase Induction motor

difference between a single-phase and a three-phase induction motor

An induction motor is the most commonly used AC motor in homes, offices, and industries. The reasons are its low cost, rugged construction, and sufficiently high efficiency. Based on the AC power supply given to the motor, there are two types of Induction motors, viz, Single-phase and a Three-phase Induction motor. In this article, we … Read more