TTC5200 VS 2SC5200- Differences(TTC5200 better?)

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TTC5200 power Transistor is the newer and better version of the famous 2SC5200 power transistor. It is a through-hole NPN silicon transistor and comes only in a TO-3P package.

First released in 2011 by TOSHIBA, aimed at replacing 2SC5200 is cheaper and superior. Hence, should be the first choice between the two.

Although the specs of TTC5200 and 2SC5200 seem similar while looking at the datasheet, the former is indeed superior to the latter. Laboratory tests on TT transistors showed outstanding endurance levels. This means that these ones can withstand extreme temperatures, and they are highly durable.

They withstood endurance tests at high temperatures exceeding the maximum junction temperature quoted in Toshiba’s specifications.

Note: 2SA1943 is the complementary transistor of 2SC5200 and TTA1943 is the complementary transistor of TTC5200. 

What is TTC5200 Transistor?

TTC5200 is an NPN Power transistor used in Audio frequency amplifiers and High power audio circuits. It was originally manufactured by TOSHIBA in JAPAN and soon became one of the most popular power transistors. Its complementary transistor is the TTA1943 PNP transistor.

Its maximum ratings are: Collector to Emitter breakdown voltage is 230V, the collector current is 15A, and the current gain is 160.

TTC5200 vs 2SC5200: Compared

Given below are the differences between TTC5200 and 2SC5200 in the tabular form.

CostCheaperMore expensive
ManufacturerToshiba(Japan)Anyone from Japan & China
DC Current Gain8055
Collector O/P Capacitance145 pF200 pF
Differences between TTC5200 and 2SC5200.

What are TT and 2S?

Only Toshiba holds the right to use TT, meaning no other company can use it. TT simply means devices with the TT abbreviation are diffused and assembled in Japan only. Whereas 2S devices like 2SC5200 can be manufactured in China and Japan.

The new TT devices use the latest Toshiba’s new manufacturing technologies such as diffusion, bonding, thermal conduction, and encapsulation.

TTC5200 vs 2SC5200: Packaging

The older 2SC5200 comes in TO-264(Toshiba) and TO-3P packages(ON Semiconductors) whereas the TTC5200(Toshiba) comes in TO-3P package only.

TTC5200 vs 2SC5200: Specs

The major difference between TTC5200 and 2SC5200 is of DC current gain and collector output capacitance. The minimum hFE of TTC5200 and 2SC5200 is 80 and 55 respectively. And COB of TTC5200 and 2SC5200 is 145 pF and 200 pF respectively.

TTC5200 Transistor Pinout

The pinout of both transistors is similar; starting from left: Base, Collector, and Emitter. The pinout of TTC5200 transistor is shown below.

TTC5200 Pinout Diagram
TTC5200 Pinout Diagram
Pin NameDescription
BBaseControls the transistor’s biasing, used to turn it on and off.
CCollectorCurrent flows through the collector, usually connected to a load.
EEmitterCurrent comes out of transistor through the emitter, usually grounded.

Applications of TTC5200 Transistor

Since TTC5200 is just a better replacement for 2SC5200, it can be used in any application where the latter is used. Some of the applications are listed below:

  • Switch-mode power supplies (SMPS)
  • Relays
  • Used with its complementary transistor in a push-pull configuration
  • Power supply
  • Switching a load of high current rating
  • Power amplifiers
  • Inverters
  • Converters
  • Power control circuits
  • DC to AC converters

TTC5200 Transistor Datasheet

The TTC5200 is manufactured only in the TO-3P(L) Package. Hence there is no SMD version of the transistor. Given below is the datasheet of 2SC5200.

To download the datasheet of TTC5200, click here.

Where to buy the TTC5200 Transistor?

You may find this transistor in your local electronics store. It’s difficult to find TTC5200 online, but you can buy it from Amazon:

TTC5200 Dimensions

Given below is the 2D diagram of the TTC5200 Power Transistor.

Dimensions of 2SC5200 in TO-3P(L) package

TTC5200 TO-3P(L) Package dimensions
TTC5200 TO-3P(L) Package dimensions

TTC5200 vs 2SC5200: Conclusion

TOSHIBA’s TTC5200 is the newer and better version of the 2SC5200 power transistor. It comes in a TO-3P package, is cheaper than the 2SC5200, and has superior specs and endurance. It’s definitely a good choice among the two! The newer TT transistors boast laboratory tests showing they can withstand extreme temperatures and are highly durable.

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