5 Arduino Ultrasonic Sensor projects with Code, Circuit Diagram in 2021

Top 5 Arduino Ultrasonic Sensor projects in 2021

An ultrasonic sensor measures the distance of an object by emitting ultrasonic sound waves. The reflected waves from the object are received by the sensor and are converted to corresponding electrical signals. Numerous ultrasonic sensor projects are available on the internet. But here, we present the best five Arduino ultrasonic sensor projects. Intruder Alarm Project … Read more

How To Change the PWM Frequency Of Arduino Nano

Arduino Nano PWM frequency change

In this post, I will show you how to change the PWM frequency of Arduino Nano. PWM or pulse width modulation is a method of reducing the output voltage by switching the input voltage ON/OFF at a very high frequency. Here reducing means getting the average voltage value at the output. Arduino Nano PWM pins … Read more

ESP8266 based Automatic Cooling Fan project with touch LCD control

Esp8266 based cooling fan project

Automatic cooling machines are widely used in the industries. And in this post, you will learn how to make such a cooling fan using LCD as the display and a temperature sensor with esp8266. The Stepper Motor is used as an actuator(cooling mechanism) here. The temperature sensor and esp8266 communicate through single line communication, whereas … Read more

Servo motor control using LCD display interface with STM32 Dev Board

Servo motor control using LCD display interface with STM32 Dev Board

This project’s aim is to design a display interface for controlling a Servo motor. The Servo angle or position is changed either by dragging or pressing the button on the LCD display interface. The interface is built on a 4.3-inch touch display and programmed using an STM32 development board. Components Required STONE 4.3-inch serial screen … Read more

DIY Arduino LCD-Keypad Maths Game(Mathopia)

Arduino LCD-Keypad Game

Tutorial: Watch this step by step tutorial and follow along :   COMPONENTS REQUIRED: KEYPAD 2. Arduino UNO 3. LCD(16X2) 4. BUZZER 5. Potentiometer 10kohm   CIRCUIT DIAGRAM: Note: This project was made in tinkered. You can copy the file and start playing with it right away(it’s free!)   TinkerCad file Link: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/bdbevDoAaA1 PROGRAM: /* … Read more