Raspberry pi pico projects(15 new ideas to start with)

Finding good raspberry pi pico projects is not that easy as the board is still very new. So, to help you with this, we have compiled 15 new raspberry pi pico projects in this article.

Raspberry Pi Pico is a small, fast, and versatile board having RP2040 at its heart, a brand-new microcontroller launched by the Raspberry Foundation. It can be programmed using MicroPython or C language.

You can watch all of the projects in this compilation video :

Now let’s start with the very first project which is:


Raspberry pi pico motor party

Raspberry pi pico based multi motor control
Raspberry pi pico based multi-motor control

This project is a small collection of raspberry pi pico projects.

Using a single Raspberry pi pico, you control a servo, stepper, and DC motor. Each one the motor runs for a specific time after pressing a switch.

The interesting part of this project is that the rotation of each motor is unique, i.e., no two motors run similarly.

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Obstacle avoidance robot

Raspberry pi pico projects: Obstacle avoiding robot
Obstacle avoiding robot using raspberry pi pico

This robot senses the obstacles around it using an ultrasonic sensor.

So, the robot first measures the distance of its nearby surroundings from its current position. After comparing all the values, the robot moves in that direction where the distance is maximum between the sensor and the object.

The robot stops as soon as the distance between the sensor and object is less than the predefined value. It again checks for a new direction to keep moving. This way, it never collides with nearby objects.

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Raspberry Pi pico based Tricopter

DIY Tricopter
Tricopter using Raspberry pi pico

It is interesting to see that how some raspberry pi pico-based projects turn out to be incredible.

With just three coreless DC motors, an outer frame, and a raspberry pi pico, you can fly a tricopter using your smartphone. The lightweight design of the overall model gives you an exciting experience while flying the copter.

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Mandelbrot Pico

Raspberry pi pico projects: Mandelbrot pico
Mandelbrot using Raspberry pi pico

It draws a Mandelbrot using a Raspberry pi pico. Every single pixel in the image requires a lot of complex calculations. But, don’t you worry, as Rasberry pi pico handles all the mathematics.

Using rotary potentiometers, we can select the area that we want to zoom. Once you find the perfect portion, press the zoom button to get a clearer image on the OLED display.

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Keyboard Shortcuts Keypad

Keyboard shortcut keypad
Keyboard shortcut keypad using R-pi pico

If you work on multiple programs on your computer, you can save time and make your task quicker using this shortcut keypad.

Using this project, you can select twelve different keyboard shortcuts. A toggle switch lets you switch between the programs. The LCD and the keys get updated according to the application that is currently selected.

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Button controlled Stepper motor

Stepper motor control using R-pi pico
Stepper motor control using R-pi pico

This project requires three switches and a Raspberry pi pico to control the movement of the stepper motor.

Two buttons make the motor rotate in either direction. The third button brings back the stepper motor to its initial (home) position.

To reset the home position, press and hold the third button for two seconds. It sets the current location of the stepper motor as the new home position.

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Darth Vader IoT cryptocurrency tracker

Raspberry pi pico projects: IoT cryptocurrency tracker with Darth Vader theme
IoT cryptocurrency tracker with Darth Vader theme

It monitors real-time cryptocurrency data and notifies for any price change.

With a joystick, you can toggle between five different cryptocurrencies. Selecting a particular cryptocurrency gives you the information on current price, total volume, price change in the last 24 hours, and the percentage change in USD in 24 hours.

So, with this simple raspberry pi pico based project, you have all your crypto info in one place.

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Raspberry Pi Pico MIDI controller

Raspberry pi pico projects: DIY MIDI controller
DIY MIDI controller

This project uses a Raspberry pi pico to make a USB-MIDI controller with sixteen LED arcade buttons. The electronics fit inside a 3-D printed case, and it features a handle that works as a kickstand.

Using a joystick and an OLED screen, you can select a button on the MIDI controller. After selecting, you can either edit or compare different MIDI notes.

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Line following robot

A Line following robot
Line following robot using raspberry pi pico

This robot detects and follows the course of a black line. Wondering, how does it work?

The robot uses Infrared sensors placed at the front of the robot. An IR sensor emits infrared rays on the surface while an IR detector picks up the reflected waves.

The intensity of the received light varies according to the surface, i.e., a light surface reflects more waves than a black surface. So using this principle, the robot always follows the desired line.

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Raspberry Pi Pico based Snake game

Raspberry pi pico projects: Pico snake game
R-pi pico based Snake game

You might have seen many raspberry pi pico based gaming projects. But, this one is quite different and exciting!

It is a snake game in which the snake does not move in a straight line but slathers around. You can control the game using four tactile switches and see the visuals on an OLED screen. The snake grows bigger after eating an egg, and the game speed also increases.

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R-pi Pico Clock

A raspberry pi pico based Smart clock
A raspberry pi pico based Smart clock

Is there something even more precious than time?

So, using this pico clock, you can make sure that you utilize your time wisely. This clock has five skins that display time differently. Moreover, the module also features a stopwatch and a timer. You can easily insert some bitmap animations that run on the display for a predefined time.

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Raspberry pi Pico piano

A homemade piano
A homemade piano using R-pi pico

Playing classical melodies on a piano refreshes us from a stressed situation. But what can you do when you don’t have a piano at home?

Well, you can make your own using a Raspberry pi pico and resistors. It is hard to believe, but this project is one of the best raspberry pi pico projects on a creativity level. Just follow the project and put an end to your worries.

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Font design for Raspberry pi pico

A raspberry pi pico display
A raspberry pi pico display

It is an exciting project that lets you display custom-made fonts on a Raspberry pi pico display.

Although the programming is tedious but with this tutorial, you can complete it in no time. Whether it is a number, an alphabet, an emoji, or a picture, you can design anything by changing some codes in the program.

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Matrix touch keypad

A matrix keypad display
R-pi pico based matrix keypad display

Creating a keypad for the keyboard shortcuts saves a lot of time.

This project does so by using a touch screen and a Raspberry pi pico. The screen lets you pick among twelve programmable tabs. You can easily assign a shortcut for each key by linking it with the particular application, so you don’t have to waste more time by actually doing all the functions.

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Point to Point Railway model

Raspberry pi pico based point to point railway model
Raspberry pi pico based point to point railway model

It is one of those raspberry pi pico projects that finds application in everyday life. The project demonstrates how a locomotive moves within two set locations automatically.

The locomotive starts from its initial position at a slow speed. After crossing a sensor, the locomotive picks up speed and heads toward its destination.

A similar sensor slows down the train’s speed before stopping at its destination. The train stops for a fixed time and follows a similar process to reach its initial position.

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So, these were some of the best Raspberry pi pico-based projects shared by people from all across the globe. If you have similar or better ideas, do share them with the world.


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