Top 3 555 Timer Based projects made on Custom made PCBs


555-timer IC (integrated circuit) is used to generate an accurate delay and oscillations in electronics. It works either in monostable, bistable, and astable mode. The IC gets its name because of the three 5Kohm resistors present in the circuit. The basic constructional features include a voltage divider network, comparators, a flip-flop, transistors, and an inverter. … Read more

Arduino Projects for beginners (7 Great Arduino projects with Code in 2020)

7 Great Arduino Project for Beginners

This article contains 7 great Arduino Projects for beginners. By the end of this article, you will be able to make awesome Arduino based projects, regardless of your experience. And, if you are an Arduino beginner, willing to make awesome Arduino based projects then you are in luck. These projects will not only give you … Read more

Operational Amplifier Basics with 6 Circuit Examples

Operational Amplifier basics with 6 Circuit Examples

BASICS OF AN OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER Operational amplifiers, commonly known as opamps are the most common type of building block in analog electronics. Opamps are used to perform all duties in the realm of electronics –  to make power amplifiers, sensitive preamplifiers, logarithmic amplifiers, RC oscillators that generate sine, triangle and square waveforms, LC oscillators, high … Read more

How to Make a DC Motor Speed Controller Circuit(50V, 15A)


Hello everyone! today we are going to build a DC motor speed controller circuit capable of running 50 V, 15 A DC motor. The circuit diagram, working, and components used in building this project are explained in detail. This is the most complete DC motor speed controller you will find on the Internet. You can … Read more