PN2222 Transistor Basics- Pinout, Equivalent & Specs

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PN2222 is a general-purpose NPN silicon Planar Epitaxial transistor used for general-purpose amplification and medium-speed switching applications. It is a cheaper version of the 2N2222 transistor that comes in plastic TO-92 packaging.

It has two versions, PN2222 and PN2222A. The PN222A has higher Absolute Maximum Ratings than the PN2222 transistor. And the extra letter ‘A’ at the end of PN2222A signifies this.

Note: Please note that 2N2222 and PN2222 have different packaging as well as different pinout. Although, PN2222 and PN2222A have similar pinout.

PN2222 pinout

The pinout diagram of PN2222 shows that there are three pins: emitter, base, and collector respectively from left to right(flat side with the leads pointed downward).

PN2222 Pinout Diagram
PN2222 pinout diagram
Pin NameDescription
BBaseControls the transistor’s biasing, used to turn it on and off.
CCollectorCurrent flows through the collector, usually connected to a load.
EEmitterCurrent comes out of transistor through the emitter, usually grounded.
Pin configuration of PN2222 Transistor

PN2222/PN2222A Specs Table

Given below are the specifications of PN2222 and PN2222A transistors in a tabular form.

Collector-Base Voltage(VCBO) 60 V75 V
Collector-Emitter Voltage(VCEO)30 V40 V
Emitter-Base Voltage(VEBO)5 V6 V
Collector Current(IC)600 mA1 A
DC Current Gain(hFE)300(Max)300(Max)
Output Capacitance(COBO)8 pF8 pF
Collector Power Dissipation(PC)625 mW625 mW
Junction Temperature(TJ)150 °C150 °C
Storage Temperature(TSTG)-55 °C ~ 150 °C-55 °C ~ 150 °C
Specifications of PN2222 Transistor

What is a PN2222 transistor?

PN2222 is an NPN general-purpose transistor that is complementary to the PN2907 PNP transistor. It comes in TO-92 packaging, with 60 V Collector-Base, 30 V Emitter-Base, and 5 V Collector-Emitter voltage ratings. There are two versions of PN2222: PN222A (which has higher Absolute Maximum Ratings) and the original model without an ‘A’ at the end – this denotes that it exists as a cheaper version of the 2N2222 transistor.

PN2222 VS PN2222A: What’s the difference?

Both are similar types of transistors but the PN2222A has higher Maximum absolute ratings than PN2222. The collector-to-base, Emitter to Base, and collector-to-emitter voltage ratings of PN2222 and PN2222A are 60V, 30V, 5V, and 75V, 40V, and 6V respectively.

The cost is almost the same, so PN2222A is a better option considering its higher ratings.

PN2222 transistor equivalent

Given below is the list of transistors that are equivalent to the PN2222 transistor:

PN2222 Datasheet

To download the datasheet of PN2222, click here.

To download the datasheet of PN2222A, click here.


The applications of the PN2222 transistor are in :

  • Motor driver circuits
  • Switching circuits
  • Amplifier circuits
  • Sensors circuits
  • Audio preamplifier
  • Low power application
  • Inverter circuits
  • RF circuits
  • Darlington Pair
  • Embedded and automation projects

Where to Buy PN2222 and PN2222A?

You can easily find these transistors in your local electronics store. For online purchases, we recommend this best deal on Amazon:

PN2222 Dimensions

PN2222 Transistor Dimensions
PN2222 Transistor Dimensions


How much current can a PN2222 handle?

The PN2222 can handle collector current up to 0.8 A with a maximum power dissipation of 1.2 Watts.

What’s the difference between PN2222 and 2N2222?

PN2222 is a cheaper version of the 2N2222 transistor and comes in plastic TO-92 packaging. 2N2222 comes in metal case TO-18 packaging. Also, PN2222 has less absolute maximum temperature range and power dissipation rating than 2N2222.

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