Tiny 2040 Pinout, Specs, Board Layout: Better than Rpi pico?

Tiny 2040 Pinout and specs in detail

Tiny 2040 is a small size development board based on the RP2040 microcontroller, a dual-core Arm cortex M0+ that runs on 133 MHz clock frequency. Due to its compact size, it is getting attention in many ambitious projects where space is the main constraint. Tiny2040 has a total of 16 pins(3 additional pins are for … Read more

Arduino Portenta H7 Introduction: Pinout, Board layout, Specs & programming

Introduction to Arduino Portenta H7

The Arduino Portenta H7 is a powerful board designed to perform Industrial tasks where a lot of computational power is needed. And can be programmed using high-level languages. This board is suitable for larger Industrial, AI, and Machine learning projects by accessing the two 80 pins high-density connectors at the bottom. As well as for … Read more

Arduino Nano 33 IoT Pinout, Specs, Schematic[Detail Board Layout]

Arduino Nano 33 IoT Pinout, Specs and Board layout

Arduino Nano 33 IoT is one of the four new boards added to the Nano family. And is exceeding all expectations in terms of popularity due to its inbuilt IoT-friendly functionality, with BLE and low power processor. This board comes with 448 KB of ROM, 520KB SRAM and 2MB Flash. There are a total of … Read more

Arduino UNO Mini Limited Edition VS Original UNO: All you need to know!

New Arduino UNO Mini Limited Edition

To celebrate the epic milestone of 10 million sales of the popular Arduino UNO board, the company recently launched the limited edition of UNO: Arduino UNO Mini. The new board is unique, with premium materials, quality finishing, elegant design, and packaging. Just like the original UNO boards, it features 14 digital inputs/outputs (six of which … Read more

RPI Zero 2W Board Layout: GPIO Pinout, Specs, Schematic in detail

Raspberry Pi Zero 2W GPIO Pinout with Board layout

Raspberry pi or RPI Zero 2W is the second generation Zero board released by the RPI foundation. It has a 64 bit Quad-core CPU with four A53 cores clocked at 1 GHz and a 512 Mb LPDDR2 Ram clocked at 450 MHz. It’s worth mentioning that both of these are placed in a single SIP(system … Read more

Nodemcu ESP8266 Pinout, Specs, Versions with detailed board layout

Nodemcu Esp8266 Pinout, specs and detail board layout

NodeMCU esp8266 wifi module is an open-source, low-cost, low-power MCU(microcontroller unit) development board. It has 17 GPIO pins(11 are Digital I/O pins), out of which one pin is an analog pin, 4 pins support PWM, 2 pairs are for UART(UART0 and UART1), and supports 1x SPI and 1x I2C protocol. NodeMCU ESP8266 has 128Kb of … Read more