Difference between Zener diode and normal Rectifier diode

All diodes are passive devices that allow the flow of current in one direction only while blocking the current flow completely in the opposite direction. But since there are so many types of a diode, how to differentiate between them and most importantly which one to use according to its requirement in our circuit? So by the end of this post, you will be familiar with the “Difference between a Zener diode and a normal Rectifier diode”

NOR Gate using Diodes and Transistor on Breadboard

I am sure you must be familiar with a NOR Gate, its Truth Table, Logic symbol, and its working. But do you know, you can build your own NOR Gate on Breadboard?  So in this post, you will learn how to make a NOR Gate using Diodes and a Transistor on a Breadboard.

How to assemble DIY LED Cube(8x8x8) that play Music!

Ever since I started learning electronics I always wanted to build my own LED Cube. But neither I had the time nor in-depth knowledge of electronics required to build one. Then I recently got a mail from Banggood.com asking me to review any Arduino- Microcontroller-related kit on my channel THE ELECTRONIC GUY. So while going through their products I found this DIY LED CUBE KIT which has an additional Music mode feature.  How to assemble Diy LED Cube!

Top 10 IoT project you can make in 2020

Top 10 IoT Projects of 2023(Updated)

Are you looking for Top IoT(Internet of Things) Projects to build in 2020? Then you are at the right place! Here are the Top 10 IoT  Projects You can Make in 2020.